Book Group Questions

  1. How do you think pregnancy changes Sarah, even before events take a darker turn? Is her curiosity about her background understandable?


  1. How does Jim react to Sarah’s quest to find out about her mother? Is there anything in his background that might explain his fears for Sarah?


  1. Consider the role of friendship in the story. Why might Sarah and Deb both have a particular need for close friendships? What effect does it have on them both when this is threatened?


  1. Do you find David’s character frustrating or intriguing? As the novel progresses, does the reason for his behaviour become clearer?


  1. How important is the relationship between the two couples, Deb/David and Sarah/Jim? How do the women react when this breaks down?


  1. Joe is Sarah’s first experience of loving a child before she has her own. Do you sympathise with Sarah’s distress when this goes wrong, or do you feel more protective towards Joe and Deb?


  1. Do you become suspicious of Jim’s role as Sarah begins to suspect her uncle is plotting against her? What in Jim’s background and character might make him a suspect?


  1. What motivates Kim to go out of her way to help the patient in the tower and others? Is it frustrating or understandable that she isn’t able to expose what is going on earlier?


  1. What do the woods symbolise in the novel? What about the tower?


  1. What role does Kim’s faith have in her story? How does she feel about it when things go so horribly wrong for her?


  1. Did you believe that Uncle John’s revelations from the past were true? Or were you always suspicious of him?


  1. Does the twins’ childhood explain what John has become? What might have led to his reaction to Sarah’s pregnancy?


  1. Compare the two weddings in the novel. What connects them?


  1. Which characters are the potential rescuers in the novel? Who are you most hopeful will help those in jeopardy?


  1. Is Sarah a passive victim? Does she strike you as resilient as the story unfolds? How about at the end?