Unspeakable Things is a dark, suspenseful family mystery about motherhood and madness.


You’re pregnant.

You find out there’s madness in the family.

What are you going to do now?

Sarah Mercer wants to find out about her mother, Mary, who died when she was four. She and her husband, Jim, move into her abandoned childhood home, the Gatehouse, hoping to connect with what’s left of her family. Her Uncle John runs the Woodlands Clinic nearby, and she is thrilled when he talks to her about Mary.

But it turns out that Mary tried to kill her and died a mental patient at Woodlands. And her mother went mad before her, soon after her children were born. Only Uncle John will discuss the past, but can Sarah really trust him? Her desperate bid to discover what really happened to her mother rocks her marriage, her career and her dearest friendships.

At Woodlands, the patients are sedated and neglected, and caring nurse Kim is asking too many questions, especially about the patient locked up in the tower. Both Sarah and Kim’s lives are in danger as the horrors of the past resurface.

Can Sarah discover the family’s bitter secret before her baby is born? Or will she go mad trying?