Praise for Unspeakable Things:

‘Couldn’t put it down… Had to read it in one hit… Really excellent in every way – pace, involvement with the characters, description, atmosphere, story… And always unease, fear and horror just that one half-step from safe normality… It has of course to end also as a film, which will be gripping classic drama.’

John Howlett, author of classic novel and film, If


From Rebecca Alexander, author of The Secrets of Life and Death and The Secrets of Blood and Bone, published by Penguin Random House:

‘Unspeakable Things is a great thriller with emotional twists and turns that make it hard to put down. Tensions build up, foreshadowing the terrifying collision of the past and present. The ending is richly satisfying. I can recommend it for a rainy day in an empty house…’

Amazon Review from Read-Along-With-Sue:

When I was contacted about this debut novel and asked if I would like a copy to read, how could I not! I love debut novels. I love discovering new authors. I thought I had some idea of what to expect and thought it sounded like a book I was going to enjoy.

I was wrong.
It was much more than that! I was honestly and truthfully taken in with not just the plot but also the writing, its so compulsively compelling and very powerful. I loved it.

I read up on the author before accepting the the book too, and I see shes been in among the publishing world for thirty years and what I found interesting was that she had helped others fulfil their dreams of becoming an author.

Lets take Motherhood and mix it with ‘madness’ within the family heritage.
You get a good combination to what holds this plot together.
There are shocks in store for readers that you won’t see coming.

A move back to Sarah childhood home with her husband evokes some unanswered questions for her.
Adjacent to her home is where the ‘Mental Hospital’ lays which is evokingly linked with her family history.
Her Uncle John now lives there and runs the place. Shes not seen him for years.

Revelations from her Uncle, her pregnancy, her mother’s history of mental health all compile to enticing, compulsive, unputdownable read.

My empathy came to the fore for Sarah, so shes pregnant and her hormones are to blame? I understood she needed to do certain things and find out certain things she was pregnant.

Sarah couldn’t remember anything about her Mother, she was very young and her Father didn’t talk about it.
Uncle John was the one who satisfied some of her curiosity.

She had been told her Mother needed help, she was mad, mentally deranged and then she died.

Motherhood makes you more aware, more alert, more protective. Your instinct is to protect your child.

I loved how the author added a touch to each heading of the chapters as you go, it adds the monthly growth of the baby in the womb and the effects on the Mother.
I swallowed this remembering each of my [long ago] pregnancies.

When most of us are carrying a baby we get to think more of our own Mothers who carried us. A guide to have support from the one you trust. Your’e crutch, your kinship. But Sarah didn’t have that, her Mother is dead, she suffered from a mental health illness, does that mean she will also?

Uncle John her Mother’s twin holds the answers.
Shes shocked;
She can’t bear it;
But she needs to know.

Is insanity hereditary?
Her husband at times fears shes loosing the plot; her hold on reality.
Is she?
Sarah is so obsessed, there was something about to happen before the baby was born, I could feel it as a reader, I could sense it, sniff it out, I knew whatever it was its not going to be nice.

David her husband appeared suspicious to me.
Why on earth wasn’t he supporting his wife.

My jaw dropped to the floor towards the end as I gave out a gasp of surprise.

This is her debut novel. Unbelievable!
Would I follow this author until she writes another book? Don’t ask a silly question, TOO RIGHT I WILL

Amazon review from Andrew Whittaker:

A chilling thriller that kept me hooked.

It’s one of those books I just didn’t ever want to end. Well-drawn characters with a plot that kept me hooked. I found myself thinking about the story at intervals during the day! Love to see as a screen play

And please S.K. write another one soon!

Amazon review from Reddragon:

Great first book

A wonderful, beautifully written book, I really don’t want it to end, for me that it’s a sign of how good it is. Read it you won’t be disappointed!